Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in West Midlands West Midlands

How Crack Cocaine Is Made

Cocaine addicts try to achieve the "high" they felt after using Cocaine for the first time every time, and the is why they need more of it, which leads to dependency.

Harvested from the coca plant, Cocaine is a whitish substance. Crack comes in form of "rocks" which is created when the original mix of ammonia or baking soda with Cocaine powder dries off. Inhalation of smoke from burning it is the method used to ingest it.

The sound made when heating the drug is what gave rise to its name 'crack'. Rock, candy, base, kryptonite, base, sleet, cookies or, simply, crack, are some of the synonyms for crack Cocaine.

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Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Therefore, any use of crack Cocaine is taken as an abuse. This substance gets to the brain faster since it is inhaled rather than snorted, thus creating an instant and powerful high. Even so, the high moment caused by crack Cocaine lasts for a short time only.

All these good feelings are short lived and leave one yearning for more which leads to taking way more than the body can handle which could lead to death. Crack Cocaine is highly dangerous. Even for the first timer, they can overdose at their first trial.

These are the effects of crack Cocaine

  • Extreme excitement
  • Being extremely active
  • Anxiety
  • Talking too much
  • Presumptuousness

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The very short-lived high of smoking Cocaine pushes the abuser to take more and more of crack making him/her more exposed to overdosing.

Sweating and dilated pupils usually come before an overdose. Nervousness, aggressive behaviour, seizures and/or hallucinations are some of the symptoms of an overdose. Greater chances of lethal overdose by crack abuse have those addicts that also have high blood pressure or kidney problems.

Crack Dependency

Standard Cocaine is less habit-forming and does not affect the mind and body the way crack does. It can be said that it is highly likely for a first-time crack user to develop the addiction. The short duration of crack Cocaine high drives the user to take more and more of the substance to prolong the high. This quickly grows into dependency at which point you are completely hooked.

Eventually, they develop a tolerance to its pleasurable effects and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it, which makes them want the crack more and more. The brain eventually loses its ability to naturally produce dopamine (a chemical the brain produces to make a person feel happy) because it will rely on the crack to force-release excess amounts of dopamine.

It is very hard to stop using crack because it creates extreme cravings, as well as undesirable withdrawal side effects that users want to avoid. Most of the crack Cocaine users are aware of the negative impacts the substance may cause in their life and body. The worst part is they choose to be ignorant to it and keep consuming it.

From Snorting Cocaine To Smoking Crack

People who have never used drugs before don't usually turn to crack. More often than not one is addicted to the 'mother' drug cocaine before they graduate to crack. Reasons may point to the quickness of the high and the relatively cheaper cost of freebasing or smoking crack Cocaine compared to Cocaine powder. That is why almost everybody, especially people that live under the difficult circumstances, can access this substance easily. Although crack Cocaine is relatively affordable, crack users still spend more and more money to sustain their addiction.

Crack Abuse Statistics

The limited facts and figures available are the ones used to calculate the stats on its abuse because it is an illicit drugs.

Freedom From Crack Cocaine Addiction

Proper treatment can help bring an addict's brain into normal, healthy state the same way that crack previously wired it's brain to feel that the only life enjoyment can be found in the crack. Get your life on the right track by taking the first step now.