Dilaudid Addiction and Abuse in West Midlands West Midlands

Dilaudid Dependency

An aesthetic drug that is derived from morphine is called Dilaudid. The "high" that is produced by this substance is similar to Heroin and the strong potential for addiction and abuse is possessed by this.

This drug is among the key potent synthetic narcotics found in the Opioid class of drugs and you can develop an addiction to it quickly after prolonged use. Due to an increasing tolerance towards the drug after prolonged exposure, it is necessary that users use more to get the same high. Users don't care for the prescription once a tolerance takes place, and they start taking pills more frequently moving ahead of the schedule.

It takes just 21 days or less for the body to reduce the effect on the user.

Addicts who have gained a tolerance to the drug may begin to manifest with withdrawal symptoms after the drugs wears off. Addiction occurs when someone who wants to stop taking Dilaudid but is unable to do so.

The other signs indicating an addiction to Dilaudid are

  • Getting obsessed with the next dose
  • Spending more money for the acquisition of the drug
  • Neglecting other duties such as work or even school work
  • Using more of the drug than it is necessary to feel the effect
  • Neglecting friends and family in favour of drug use
  • Stealing from medicine cabinets
  • Creating prescription for Dilaudid
  • Online stores or local pharmacy store the drug is bought

It is a common habit of Dilaudid addicts that they get involved in criminal activities in the search of getting more of the drug.

Understanding Dilaudid Hydromorphone

Dilaudid, a schedule II controlled drug is usually prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. It works by attaching to brain and central nervous system receptors to reduce on the pain. It enhances the overall good health of a person by influencing the part of the brain that is responsible for such.

A number of addicts may opt for doctor shopping to get new prescriptions and they normally state chronic pain is their main concern.

Physicians usually prescribe Dilaudid to deal with cancer related pain besides handling that occasioned by major injuries such as burns. Dilaudid has a faster onset of action, in just 15 minutes, and it the pain-diminishing effects could last for as long as 6 hours.

Typically, the small doses of Dilaudid tablets such as 2mg or 4mg are prescribed by the doctors. Some of the pills come in round shape while others come in triangular shape. Dilaudid is also available in the form of an oral liquid. At times doctors could administer the drug intravenously for inpatient clients.

Palladone, exalgo, and Dilaudid-hp are some ways of referring to Hydromorphone. Street names include Dillies, Big D, M-80s, and Peaches.

The Effects And Abuse Of Dilaudid

Most of the abusers usually inject themselves with this drug due to the faster onset of action compared to when it is swallowed. Other users opt for crushing the Dilaudid pills and thereafter snorting them.

As is the case for other opiate painkillers, addicts usually prefer this drug to attain the immense sense of euphoria and relaxation. An individual who is on a prescription may not have enough pain relief and thus they would consume a higher dose, which could be fatal overdose The same applies to those who are abusing the drug, as they might seek for higher doses.

Using this drug without proper recommendation from a physician constitutes drug abuse. Taking Dilaudid in higher doses or without a prescription is included in it.

Abusers of Dilaudid could potentially end up having an overdose, which could be fatal at times. There may be a situation of malfunctioning of heart and respiratory organs if Dilaudid is abused.

Abusing the drug can have these negative effects

  • Strange looking pupils
  • Weak pulse
  • Shallow breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Bluish-coloured lips
  • Vomiting

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Combinations Of Drugs

Recreational abusers of the drug usually mix it with alcohol and or Benzodiazepines to achieve a profound high. The central nervous system is depressed by these three drugs. A mixture of these drugs amplifies the overall effect which could fatally affect the breathing as well as the heart rate. A fatal dose could be easily consumed with a mixture of these drugs.

Dilaudid addicts try to relive the euphoric and relaxed feelings that were experienced initially by the use of this drug, so they try to replicate this "rush" continuously. Dilaudid addicts are often lead to the harder abuse of drugs like Heroin that are often more accessible.

The Statistics Of Addiction

Going back to the drug is common among those who want to do it on their own. This emphasizes the need for a professional or medical treatment to aid in quitting its use. Dealing with a Dilaudid addiction could be achieved with counselling and medications to handle the withdrawal and cravings. Get help from one of the many Dilaudid treatment centres across the country.