Fentanyl Addiction and Abuse in West Midlands West Midlands

Knowledge Of Fentanyl

Morphine is a powerful drug, however, Fentanyl is a stronger pain reliever that is about 100 times more powerful than Morphine. Severe pain that is a result of post surgery or during cancer treatment pain are used to relieve discomfort. Fentanyl is a strong opioid that is given to patients who have developed tolerance to other medications meant to relieve pain. It is a good candidate for abuse because of its powerful effect. When an individual becomes addicted to the drug they need bigger doses to feel the benefits of the drug due to gaining a higher tolerance to the drug.

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Fentanyl is available in a range of preparations to meet the needs of the clients.

Some popular brand names and preparations are

  • Actiq - This form of the drug is put beneath the tongue because it is made in the form of lollipop.
  • Mainly applied to patients who are on other pain killers and at times in military applications.
  • Duragesic - In the 1990s, this Fentanyl patch was introduced.
  • Its effects can last for up to 3 days and it's prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain.
  • Sublimaze - Usually given in hospitals at times coupled with analgesics, it is the injectable preparation of Fentanyl.
  • It is used to handle the pain before and after surgeries.
  • Subsys - Subsys deliver immediate pain relief and are a sublingual spray administered under a patient's tongue.
  • Used to manage the breakthrough pain experienced by cancer patients.
  • Abstral - Is also utilized for the management of breakthrough cancer pain in those who are opioid-tolerant, it is the tablet form of Fentanyl that quickly dissolves when put under the tongue to offer immediate relief of pain.
  • Lazanda - Is a Fentanyl nasal spray which is administered in the same manner as a common nasal decongestant spray.
  • It is regularly used to manage pain in cancer patients.

Fentanyl blocks the pain receptors in the brain and increases the production of the happiness-inducing chemical dopamine. China white, China girl, T&T, crush and dance fever are the street names for Fentanyl.

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Fentanyl Misuse And Effects

Just as is the case for other OPRs, this drug has a high potential of addiction and abuse even if it is a prescription.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has issued a warning statement that because of the nature of Fentanyl along with its addictive potential a Fentanyl epidemic has the possibility of occurring.

An intense euphoria and sense of relaxation similar to heroin "high" are experienced by those ingesting Fentanyl at unprescribed levels.

Fentanyl abuse shows symptoms such as

  • Slowed breathing
  • Seizures
  • Head pain
  • Dizziness
  • Impaired vision
  • Constipation
  • Sickness and nausea
  • Itching

To those without a tolerance to opioids, Fentanyl abuse is dangerous. If someone abuses the substance without a tolerance, then they already have increased the risk of overdosing.

Those using the drug without caution may become addicted and cause them to engage in deadly misuse of the drug.

The drug's damaging side effects is amplified by mixing Fentanyl with illicit narcotics like heroin or stimulants like Cocaine. In case Fentanyl is taken by following a prescription or for recreational needs, it is a quite lethal drug.

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Fentanyl Addiction Indications

Fentanyl has a huge effect on the central nervous system, resulting in high levels of dopamine flooding and chemically affecting the brain with time. Someone prescribed Fentanyl might become addictive to the drug due to these neurochemical changes and turn to illicit ways of getting it after exhausting their prescribed amount.

From abuse to full-blown addiction, OPRs like Fentanyl can escalate.

It has a higher likelihood of accidental and intentional abuse since many patients do not believe OPRs like Fentanyl harbour significant additive potentials like heroin or other street drugs. Courtesy of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' criteria for the diagnosis of substance abuse disorder, physicians can be able to precisely tell problematic behaviour for instance building a tolerance or when one suffers withdrawal symptoms.

You can recognize an addiction to Fentanyl by learning more about them.

Treatment For A Dependency To Fentanyl

It can be a miserable process by cutting out Fentanyl, which is also known as "cold turkey", although rarely life-threatening. Those who are addicted to Fentanyl mostly have a physical dependence to it, and the withdrawal symptoms could be quite painful. Those who depend on this drug may break its grip on their lives if they take advantage of the help that is available through rehabilitation facilities, whether living there or not.

Symptoms from the drug are determined by the degree of addiction and by the from the drug is taken in.

Users are still vulnerable to potential relapse despite Fentanyl withdrawal being typically non lethal. Medical supervision at the time of a detox could simplify the cleansing process and reduce the chances of a relapse.

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Despite the difficulties, a Fentanyl addiction can be hard to overcome but it is possible to overcome any addiction. There are various support groups across the country to help you overcome your addiction. You can begin to break your addiction now.