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Addiction To Lunesta

Lunesta [Eszopiclone] is a sleeping medication which is commonly prescribed to treat acute insomnia but has a high potential for abuse. A user can develop rapid dependence on the drug, making it useful for temporary solution for insomnia.

Lunesta is a Central Nervous System(CNS) depressant generally prescribed as a treatment for insomnia. This drug is frequently acknowledged as an excellent tranquilizer to treat sleeping disorder if administered through proper channel and hence its addictive nature is often overlooked.

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In fact, Because of the high potential for addiction and abuse, the Lunesta is only prescribed by most of the doctors for short-term use to treat acute insomnia.

Symptoms displayed by Lunesta Addicts

  • Continue taking the Lunesta after the prescription has expired
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Wanting to be by themselves
  • Start taking high doses without counselling their specialist
  • Feel as if their quality of life will decrease if they stop taking the drug
  • Depend on the medication to get a high
  • Longing for the medication
  • Mix Lunesta with other drugs to increase its sedative effects

Individuals experience side effects such as sleep deprivation and uneasiness after coming out of a long term addiction to Lunesta. Overcoming an addiction to Lunesta can be difficult because of the uncomfortable symptoms that will be felt but the process can be made easier if the addict opts for professional treatment at an inpatient rehab centre.

Health professionals at a treatment centre can help addicts of Lunesta safely to detox by monitoring their vital signs and administering medications for the withdrawal. The sleep cycles of the addict will also be observed by the treatment team to determine whether changes in their lifestyles could enhance the quality of their sleep. If there are mental problems that play a role in the dependence, physicians will carry out a test on the user to pinpoint these problems.

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Learn About Lunesta Or Eszopiclone

A non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic Lunesta is the brand name of eszopiclone that is prescribed to treat insomnia. With Sonata and Ambien, Lunesta is a tranquilizer that belongs to a group called Z-drugs.

Whether as it is produced as 1mg, 2mg, or 3mg, Lunesta can come in blue or white colour and have a circular shape. Lunesta has been designed for oral administration but in order to intensify its effects when users are accustomed to snorting the drug.

By depressing the nerve end receptors, Lunesta slows down the brain functions causing the user to sleep quicker and for longer. This induces Strong sedation and drowsiness.

The medication is prone to huge level of mishandle, hence there is huge regulation for this drug and prescribed only as a temporary solution. Addicts can get this drug fraudulently although it's not available for sale in local stores without any prescription. Sleepeasies, zombies, and sleepers are some other ways to identify this drug.

Effects Of Abusing Lunesta

Lunesta users mostly use it as part of their sleep regimen and over a long time, it can become addictive. The usage of Lunesta beyond the prescribed dosage is considered as abuse. The several benefits offered by Lunesta motivate the people to abuse the drug. To be specific, it gives continuous, profound rest, which can enhance energy levels and better brain function when they are awake. Others abuse Lunesta in order to enjoy the calm feelings and drowsiness it causes. Manhandle of Lunesta can be unsafe, as it builds the client's danger of overdose.

Abusive behaviours include

  • When the drug is used outside prescription regulations
  • Sniffing the drug after grinding it
  • Taking more than the recommended dose
  • If the drug is not recommended for use or is used beyond the prescription timeframe

The amount of the drug used, the inclusion of other sedatives or alcohol when using the drug may determine the health problems that is associated with addiction to the drug. The following symptoms may indicate an overdose of Lunesta

  • Fatigue
  • Fainting spells
  • Struggling to breath
  • Loss of consciousness

Lunesta is not essentially a "gateway drug", but people get motivated to increase their doses with its continued use, which can lead to a potentially fatal overdose.

Popular Drug Combinations Of Lunesta

Lunesta is also used with other drugs in some cases Users will combine Lunesta with other drugs to get a stronger result. Numerous people are not aware of the perilous effects of polydrug utilization.

The negative impact of the drug that are usually enhanced when it is taken together with sleep-inducing drugs are

  • Daytime tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth which seems unusual
  • Cold like symptoms
  • Wheezing
  • Irritation of the throat

Both alcohol and Lunesta inhibits the performance of the central nervous system, making mixing them very deadly. Loss of concentration, drowsiness, and other negative impact of using Lunesta as a tranquilizer is usually enhanced when the drug is used together with alcohol. The individuals who binge drink while taking Lunesta will experience difficulty breathing and their pulse can fall.

Lunesta mixed with other drugs can become an overdose that ends up in death.

Facts And Figures Of Lunesta Misuse

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