Morphine Addiction and Abuse in West Midlands West Midlands

Comprehending Morphine

Morphine, much like Heroin, has painkilling feature and it is a very addictive opiate that created naturally.

An opioid pain medication, Morphine is prescribed to alleviate moderate to severe pain. Apart from changing how pain is perceived in the brain, morphine also leaves a person in a state of euphoria that feels almost dream like.

You can take Morphine orally, as a pill or syrup, or intravenously. Morphine can also be smoked under the right conditions.

A user quickly gets addicted to this substance, because he or she develops tolerance quickly and Morphine is very addictive in nature.

Morphine has more than one street name, like Miss Emma, M, monkey, white stuff, and roxanol.

Morphine Misuse Effects

Morphine is a federally created Schedule II drug which is used after big surgeries to relieve pain and for pain caused by cancer. After all, Morphine is highly potential for misuse, due to being pleasurable and relatedly more accessible.

Morphine and Heroin, both are highly relative to each other as being made naturally from the extraction of opium poppy. If you need aid in your fight with Morphine dependency, give us a call now.

Because of it being an opioid, Morphine is frequently used by many to experience a euphoric-like state. it is usually misused by those people who are affected by timely pain, in which the patient has an inclination of being addicted to Morphine.

Abuse is when a person uses Morphine without a prescription. That is because, even though this drug is legal if it is prescribed, it is also very strongly regulated. Without a prescription, Morphine possession is a crime and severity of that offense depends on the amount someone has on its person and on that person's location.

Some of the immediate effects of taking Morphine are

  • Happiness
  • Subsiding of pain
  • Rehabilitation
  • Decreased apprehension

The risk of overdose is always present in every episode of Morphine abuse. Symptoms of Morphine overdose are blemish talk, carelessness, being faint like and breathing slowly. Because Morphine is an opioid, it has a suppressing effect on your nervous system. Morphine overdose can cause death due to respiratory failure, loss of consciousness and slipping into a comma.

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Dependence On Morphine

Morphine is a powerful drug and its repeated abuse leads to addiction. Dependence ordinarily starts with tolerance - requiring bigger doses of Morphine to feel its effects.

What makes it hard to quit the drug at this point is that once tolerance and dependence set it, not taking the drug will be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. Right after the physical addiction to Morphine develops, usually, a psychological one will follow.

Even while being fully aware of the negative impact, a person who's addicted to Morphine will still continue to use it.

Morphine addiction is not much unlike Heroin addiction and overcoming it is seriously hard. Sudden withdrawal from Morphine can bring about serious injury; accordingly, a therapeutically supervised detoxification is the most ideal approach to free the body of the substance. If you wish to know where you can detoxify from Morphine, give us a call today.

Other Drugs And Morphine

It's extremely dangerous to mix two depressants and that's why Morphine shouldn't be mixed with depressants or any other drug for that matter. Alcohol suppresses the immune system and so does Morphine and that's why their mix is most fatal. Comas and extreme sedation are quite possible when these two are mixed.

Morphine Misuse And The Stats

A major number of accidental drug deaths in the US were presented just because of Heroin and Morphine. More data on how morphine is abused include

How To Kick Your Morphine Habit

Morphine compulsion is one of the most hard to overcome, however it is a long way from impossibility. Researches have demonstrated that addicts who can roll out life improvements significantly increase their chances of recuperation without backslide. Beat your Morphine dependency by finding someone to assist you in your fight.