Over The Counter Drugs Addiction and Abuse in West Midlands West Midlands

Knowing About Over The Counter Drugs

Abusing over-the-counter pharmaceuticals or pain relievers can prompt to addiction or utilization of more hazardous medications not far off.

Drugs which you can purchase without showing a doctor's prescription are referred as OTC drugs.

If used in the correct doses, these drugs are usually safe. These drugs can however be abused just like their more controlled counterparts. OTC drugs present a danger for creating a dependency, even though they are much milder than other drugs.

Health issues that include loss of memory, kidney failure, heart problems and even death can be caused by OTC drugs abuse.

Names of some OTC drugs that are frequently abused include

  • These medicines are for treating coughs (Dextromethorphan, or DXM)
  • Cold medicine
  • Kinetosis pills (Dimenhydrinate)
  • Pain relievers (Acetaminophen)

Seek immediate help if you or someone you care about is having OTC drugs addiction.

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Abuse Of Over The Counter Drugs

From motion sickness to some less severe pain is the range of different medical uses and effects of OTC drugs. People with anxiety, depression and other psychological problems have been known to self-medicate using OTC drugs.

A euphoric high can also be achieved through the abuse of these drugs. Abuse is defined by any use of these drugs that isn't recommended. A person that abuses OTC drugs might start looking for stronger effects and begin to use more risky or illegal drugs.

Cough Treatments Like Dextromethorphan Or Dxm

The effect of abusing cough medicines may result in hallucinations and being high. The relatively easy accessibility of these medicines makes them easy targets for young people who can even find them at home. Cough medicines, when taken in large dose, will result in vomiting, rapid heartbeat, blurry sight, shaking, and even worse, brain damage. If you notice the signs of OTC drug addiction on one of your dear ones, get help immediately. You can call us to find out more about the best treatment and support for them.

Cold Medicines For Example Pseudoephedrine

One of the active components of cold medicines is Pseudoephedrine which is a stimulant. This drug can cause euphoria or induce hallucinations which is why it is usually abused. Pseudoephedrine is additionally used to make illegal medications like Methamphetamine. Pseudoephedrine abuse can lead to short breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate, seizures and fainting.

Pills Used For Treating Motion Sickness Called Dimenhydrinate

Dimenhydrinate is used to treat movement disorder and vertigo. Seizures, hallucinations, ringing in the ears, nausea, coma and death can all come about if dimenhydrinate is used in a high enough dose. This drug's psychedelic side effects are usually the reason for the abuse.

Pain Relievers Such As Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is the active ingredients in most pain killer medicines, such as Tylenol. Dangerous health issues like permanent liver damage might occur if this substance is used in big amounts and for long periods of time. A person who has taken this drug may also experience stomach aches, sweating, running stomach and nausea. The pain relief brought on by acetaminophen is why people take this drug. Dealing with chronic pain is the reason why people abuse acetaminophen.

Addicted To Otc Drugs

After some time, even the casual OTC drug use can alter the person's brain chemistry. This leads to the user requiring bigger drug amounts to achieve the same effects which means that tolerance has developed. Those dependent on OTC medications perhaps additionally create withdrawal manifestations when they quit using.

These are the withdrawal symptoms that generally occur when the addict attempt to quit their addiction

  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Aggressiveness
  • Anxious feeling
  • Mood variations

It is not easy to tell if someone abuses OTC medications. OTC medications like Tylenol and different cough medications don't convey an indistinguishable unsafe picture from illegal medications like Heroin. Individuals don't generally consider them to be addictive, such a large number of friends and family of individuals dependent on OTC medications don't know to search for signs of a developing issue.

Wasting a lot of time and money to use or acquire OTC drugs, as well as continuous usage of these substances even when the dangers are understood are some of the signs that dependency exists. There are 11 general signs to recognize an addiction to any drug

Statistics For Otc Drug Abuse

Treating Addiction To Over The Counter Drugs

There are a variety of treatments available for people addicted to OTC drugs. Some treatments are one-to-one therapy, group therapy, and psychotherapy.

Those that are dealing with OTC drug dependency recovery can get all the necessary resources to become and remain clean with numerous inpatient and outpatient rehab plans. Addicts can greatly decrease chances of relapse if they sign up for a drug rehab program.

Get Assistance To Overcome Addiction

It may be a challenging experience but it's not impossible to get over addiction to over the counter drugs. Inpatient sedative treatment programs give recuperating addicts 24-hour therapeutic care, while those in outpatient projects can visit indicated treatment centres while keeping their home lives in place. To make it easier to stay drug free after rehabilitation, one can also join support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.