Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse in West Midlands West Midlands

Addiction And Abuse Of Oxycodone

Among prescribed drugs, Oxycodone is one of the most addictive ones available and it's used to treat pain.

Oxycodone is one of the most frequently abused drugs that are available through prescription and some of the common brand names include Oxycontin and Percocet. Oxycodone provides the required pain relief to those suffering from severe pain or terminal diseases since it is a very potent drug, but, that means it can be difficult to stay within regulated doses.

Noticing that someone has an addiction to Oxycodone earlier is a life safer for them.

Most of the addicts begin by taking regulated doses of Oxycodone, but they require higher amounts to feel the same effects as their body evolves tolerance to this substance.

The line separating acceptable use from downright abuse is a thin one and can be crossed easily. Oxycodone overdose can be fatal and it is a realistic outcome, in addition to being a pricey and tiring addiction.

The Slope Into Oxycodone Addiction

Occasional Consumption

  • Using it in higher doses than recommended
  • Using Oxycodone with companions or at gatherings
  • Being dependant on Oxycodone to feel calm during bad moments
  • Experiencing strong relaxation and happiness when under its effect


  • Experiencing a craving whenever up against a difficult situation
  • Only getting high when using a lot more of the drug
  • Falling asleep or becoming severely drowsy
  • Hiding the habit of Oxycodone use or feeling ashamed of it


  • Making Oxycodone more important than rest of the things in your life
  • Putting your life and other people's lives in danger without worrying
  • Always having insufficient money because of your addiction
  • Permitting wellbeing and relationships to break down

Oxycodone addicts need medically managed detox and treatment programs in order to be fully recovered. These programs also reduces the chance of relapse. You can call us to get help in finding the right treatment for you.

Oxycodone Definition And Brand Names

Several pain relieving drugs used have Oxycodone as its main ingredient. The pills which contain Oxycodone come in many forms, sizes, and colours, depending on the dose and the brand. These are the most common brand for Oxycodone-based drugs The time to seek help for yourself or someone else who is addicted to Oxycodone is now. Get help in overcoming this hazardous addiction by giving us a call today o n 0800 772 3971.


Oxycontin has been the most abused Oxycodone-based drug. It is a prescribed drug. It offers chronic pain help for half a day thanks to its controlled-release formula. A lot of users dissolve the tablets in a liquid in order to inject it, or they squash them and then snort Oxycontin in order to overcome the time-release effect. In this manner, all of the effect of Oxycontin is felt immediately.


The mix between Oxycodone and Acetaminophen (the primary ingredient in Tylenol) is called Percocet. People with pain levels ranging from mild to severe are usually prescribed this drug. Percocet is also abused in a similar way to Oxycontin i.e. crushing and snorting. People also abuse Percocet by taking higher doses or for more time than what doctor has advised or taking it intravenously.


A fast release formula of Oxycodone is what Roxicodone represents. This is a common presurgery medication that is used to calm or sedate patients. People abuse oxycodone to get an instant high because of its rapid-release formula. Individuals who manhandle Roxicodone frequently smash or soften down the tablets to be smoked or infused.

Other common names for Oxycodone drug are oxy, OC's, Oxycet, Oxycontin, hillbilly Heroin, killers, percs, and roxi's.

Short-term prescriptions of painkillers that contain Oxycodone are given to people who've undergone surgery or suffered trauma while long-term prescriptions may be prescribed to cancer patients and people suffering from arthritis. All-day relief is secured with prescription forms of Oxycodone.

Thebaine is a chemical that is found in opium and it is from this that Oxycodone is extracted. Heroin, Codeine and Morphine are all in the same drug family as Oxycodone which is termed an opioid or semi-synthetic opiate. Oxycodone is a Schedule II drug which means it is legal for medical purpose, but it is very addictive and having a high risk to be abused. Abuse of the substance is defined as taking the drug for longer periods of time than it was recommended, using larger amounts than prescribed, chewing the pills, or squashing them to be injected or snorted.

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Effects And Abuse Of Oxycodone

Taking larger doses than prescribed or even using Oxycodone without a prescription is considered abuse. People crave the euphoric effect that Oxycodone supplies. Oxycodone side effects are closely resembling those of Heroin since it is an opioid.

Only Percocet was prescribed close to 32 million times in 2011, which means that accessibility and wide use is evident for Oxycodone. Many users, over time, become tolerant to it, whereas some are not aware of the health risks associated with its abuse.

A person who uses Oxycodone may experience

  • Joyfulness
  • Less anxiousness
  • Boosts confidence
  • Less stress

It can be hard to recognize or confront Oxycodone abuse since the use of painkiller prescription drugs is well accepted in society. The problem is made harder to identify where people may be using valid prescriptions to get the drug which they later abuse. At last, it comes down to the negative outcomes the medication has on the client's life.

Drug Combinations That Are Common

Combining Oxycodone and alcohol is very dangerous. Combining these substances can be harming, or even fatal, because alcohol and Oxycodone are both affecting the central nervous system in the same way. Taking both together can lead to heart failure or severely impaired respiratory function. Even the composition doesn't bring about overdose; it can cause irreversible harm to the brain and vital organs.

Oxycodone addicts also are in the habit of abusing other substances, especially Marijuana. Oxycodone addicts often use other drugs with Oxycodone to increase or reduce the intensity of its effects.

Oxycodone can be used as a substitute of Heroin. At the point when a man dependent on Oxycodone can no longer get their solutions filled, they may swing to Heroin for a less expensive, more available medication with comparable impacts.

Oxycodone Abuse And Statistics

Abuse of Oxycodone is still quite common despite the obvious dangers and many people even combine it with alcohol.