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Sonata Awareness

Fatalities, breathing difficulties or self-annihilation are some of the grave dangers and effects of the well-known sleeping pills.

Sonata is the regular name for zaleplon, a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic that works to deal with sleeping issues. It is one of the popular Z-drugs or nonbenzodiazepine sedative-hypnotics that are commonly used to treat insomnia or anxiety in the US.

The psychological wellness and recovery process of patients are hindered, giving them peaceful sleep, as a result of the action of Sonata on the brain's neurochemical transporters.

Because Sonata comes in the form of pills it is taken orally. Downers, tranks and sleepeasy are the slang terms for Sonata.

Sonata Misuse Effects

Its terminal half-life of one hour makes it one of the fastest acting sleeping pill in the market. However, people are likely to misuse this pill in the quest to solve their sleeplessness problem, so Sonata is the likely option for unintentional excessive usage.

Sonata is federally regulated and categorized as Schedule IV together with the other Z-drugs, Lunesta and Ambien. Any use of Sonata can be considered as an abuse is if it is not used by the prescription of a doctor.

The common effects enjoyed by the user after taking the drug are euphoria, hallucinations and sporadic memory loss.

The drug's "buzz" and hallucinatory properties may be enhanced by breaking the capsules open and snorting their contents by those abusing Sonata. Behaviours like somnambulating, eating and driving unconsciously, and practicing sexual intercourse in the dream, are the selective somatic downer symptoms due to Sonata. The risk of these unconscious activities are increased when the patient tries to resist its sedative effects. Other Effects of the drug are

  • Physiological confusion
  • Queasiness and sickness
  • Amnesia
  • Lack of feeling (numbness)
  • Fantasies
  • Mental and physical weakness
  • Anger
  • Throbbing headaches
  • Exhaustion

Even with all of these risks, Sonata is not among the most powerful Z-drugs. Although overdosing on Sonata alone is relatively uncommon; however, co-abusing the prescription drug in conjunction with other CNS depressants such as alcohol - which is quite common - can depress respiratory function to the point of failure and death.

In hospitals, the most emergency caused by Sonata are the suicide attempt.

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Indications Of Sonata Addiction

Seeing a loved one falling into Sonata addiction is something really hard. Abusing this substance and using it according to doctor's directives in most cases, appears similar.

Possibility of addiction should be considered when a person starts to use the drug in a manner that wasn't prescribed, gets more than one prescription or tries very hard to find a doctor who will write a prescription for them.

A developed tolerance to the drug's effects and following withdrawals when quitting use is one indicative sign of Sonata addiction.

One of the most intense withdrawal symptoms is Rebound insomnia which is an intense insomnia and one of the main signs that a person has become dependent. The prolonged exposure or use of Sonata may render the patient to be unresponsive to the sedative effects of the drug. To been able to say if someone is an addict it is necessary knowing the criteria used by doctors.

Sonata Addiction And Treatment

Although Sonata is not a potent substance to abuse, the extended intake of the drug could lead to addiction.

The symptoms of quitting Sonata are really strong after the user has developed a mental and physical need of it.

Sonata abusers inflicted by these symptoms find it difficult to perform other tasks without taking the substance due to the effects it creates in the brain. Convulsions, hallucinations and even seizures can be induced by suddenly stopping Sonata.

Statistics On Sonata Usage

Death as a result of suicide may occur as the drug can cause suicidal thoughts to form. Safe withdrawal can be managed effectively via supervised detoxification where physicians can record behavioural manifestations as well. There are various rehab centres who can help patients safely and effectively recover from Sonata abuse as well as combat relapse.

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