How To Stay Sober After Rehab after-rehab

Getting Back To Normal After Being An Addict

It is more difficult remaining abstinent for long even after doing a great work to reach the level of abstinence. Setting goals and adopting healthy hobbies can help you stay clean after you complete rehab.

In a controlled and supervised rehab centre, it is relatively easier to stay clean and get well.

The environment in these facilities is one that can help a person stop the use or even the urge of taking drugs.

Graduating from rehab can be very encouraging and light yet it also brings new challenges in maintaining the new found sobriety.

Fortunately, the help received to recognise temptations, which may be faced after leaving the rehab facility provides the education needed with the methods needed to avoid or manage these triggers. This will enable them to stay away from drugs forever.

Handling The Desires To Use When Out Of Rehab

It is usually challenging to change surroundings from the rehabilitation centre back to staying at home.

After leaving the rehab it becomes easy for the individual to find himself or herself being put in trigger situations or conditions that can spark the thoughts of reverting back to the previous habits.

Matters like returning to the old neighbourhood, meeting family members or friends, along with certain emotions can trigger the temptations to revert back to using drugs or alcohol.

Here are few things you can engage in as distractions to manage triggers

  • Establish Positive Relationships and Support System
  • Keeping the right company, that want you to stay clean will help you in achieving a clean life after rehab.
  • Participate in support groups or have a reliable confidant who will not only police your negative tendencies but also holds you accountable for your actions and commitment.
  • Environment Change
  • After leaving the facility and before reaching home, you should be asking a loved one or an individual you trust to discard any paraphernalia from your place.
  • You can also keep off environments where there drugs are being sold.
  • Define Future Goals
  • When you have a set of goals for the future, it will become much simpler for you to manage the temptations as and when they arise.
  • It will be easier for you to remain on track when you have understood the reasons why you want to stay composed along with all the benefits the sobriety can bring into your life.
  • Don't Miss Group Or Personal Therapy Sessions
  • If you have a set of follow-up appointments scheduled with your rehabilitation centre or the doctor you should not be looking to avoid the meetings.
  • Always keep in mind that the experience and information you will get from your counsellors will equip you with skills and coping mechanisms that you may not figure on your own.
  • Always be grateful for how far you have come in your recovery journey.
  • Recognition of good things we have going for us is more possible when we have a grateful heart.
  • Maintain a personal journal in which each day write five things that made you happy.
  • Create Fresh Healthy Habits, Replace The Old Ones
  • The change of lifestyle can take sometime to fully get the groove of it but it's all worth it in the end.

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Partake In Sober Activities Instead Of Using

It is crucial to change old activities and lifestyles to fresh activities during treatment.

There are a lot of fun and interesting things to do nowadays that do not involve drugs or alcohol.

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You can keep yourself mentally busy with these positive activities to stay clean after rehab

  • Running
  • Refection
  • Get involved in sports.
  • Read
  • Artistry place visitation
  • Go back to school or begin an online course
  • Learn a new language
  • Cultivation
  • Offer humanitarian services

Enlist In Community Support Services

After leaving the rehab, there are many support group that you can register with and continue being clean. These support groups consist of people that share similar experience and recovery journey and being with them will help you a lot.

Participation in numerous types of continuing care, which include therapy, check-ups, 12-step meetings and alternative support groups is also recommended.

The Ability To Be Around Drugs And Alcohol Without Falling Into Old Habits

Those that are freshly out of rehab should totally run from enticing atmosphere because they do not have strong resolutions like those that have achieved abstinence for quite sometimes. The urge to drink can overpower someone and make them relapse on their recovery.

However, there can be situations when some type of alcohol use will become inevitable [like for example a family holiday party] and they are certain steps which you can take that can ease the situation for you.

Methods to Avoid Temptations In Social Settings

  • Make sure you are there with a friend that neither use nor drink and be in company of dependable people.
  • Drink beverages free of alcohol and keep a glass of such a drink in your hand all the time.
  • Arrive later and/or leave earlier to shorten your stay at the party.
  • At the slightest sign of urge to drink or use, exit the vicinity.

The Benefits Of Getting And Staying Off The Alcohol And Drugs

Health is one of the primary benefits to keep yourself clean and sober. Physical health benefits apart, there are many other reasons to stay clean. These include

  • Make new, clean friends
  • Having new investments
  • Living a happy and amazing life
  • Extra energy to indulge in activities which you enjoy
  • Dressing nice and smart
  • Serving as a positive source of inspiration and energy for other people who are currently battling addiction

Of all the battles you might fight, overcoming alcohol or substances abuse might be the most difficult. It certain that it is not a straightforward and easy process. Simply by making an effort to remain sober you will have acquired new strength by overcoming the problems that you thought you would not be able to achieve.

Every journey always begins with a small step in the right direction. You also need to have an objective as to why you are withdrawing from alcohol and follow it to the end.