Narcotic Anonymous NA support-groups

How Narcotics Anonymous Came About

Alcoholics Anonymous has been around for long and is the most well known support program for recovering addicts and Narcotics Anonymous was created based on its model. The achievements of the Alcoholics Anonymous led to the founding of the Narcotics Anonymous. If a person is struggling to top the overdependence of the narcotics, NA is the perfect solution for them. Wanting to give up drugs is the only qualification for joining Narcotics Anonymous. Groups of NA do not make a distinction between drugs of any kind, including alcohol. They are aware that polysubstance dependence is common among people. You will get the help you need if you are an addict to any drug.

Although it is currently found in 129 countries, the original NA started in 1953 in Los Angeles.

Inside An Na Meeting

Every member of the NA is addicted to some form of drug and so this minimises the fear that people usually have the first time they go there. All NA members are all recovering addicts who seek to help others on their recovery journey.

You can be absolutely sure that the support group will provide really welcoming, caring, and non-judgmental environment.

In some of the meetings, there may be a speaker while in others people will be having open discussions.

During discussion meetings, members are required to share their personal stories of addiction and recovery as it relates to their lives. In case of a speaker meeting, one or several members are asked to speak to the most of the attendees. One is allowed to share what he or she feels to in the discussion sessions. You can choose to share if it's your first time there but you will not be required to. No one will judge you since they are all required to only talk about their experiences and not that of others.

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Narcotics Anonymous And Religious Beliefs

All though the basis of the group is spiritual, the meetings aren't founded on any religious principle. Each person is free to relate to the higher power whoever they conceive him to be. References to God are certainly made during parts of the NA meeting, and a prayer is also held before the closing of the meeting. Some people though, will replace God with "Good orderly direction" or "higher power". The reference to a higher power isn't focused on a particular religion but is supposed to provide strength and guidance on moral matters.

Some Terminology for Your First Meeting The NA "Intro to NA" material lists the following terms to help a newcomer follow the meeting

  • Addict (Addicted Person, Drug Addict)
  • NA Members use this term to call themselves, because they recognize that the problem is not use of a particular substance but addiction itself.
  • Basic Text (NA Basic Text Or The Big Book)
  • This refers to the basic or core ideas contained in the Narcotics Anonymous book.
  • Group
  • These are the people who meet regularly for the planned meetings.
  • Higher Power
  • A force that transcends the recovering user that can help them to abstain.
  • IPs
  • Information pamphlets about NA.
  • Newcomers
  • Newly Registered NA members.
  • Relapse
  • A brief or long-lasting return to taking drugs due to a certain lapse in recovery.
  • Sharing
  • Opening up on your condition to the other members.
  • Sponsor
  • An experienced member who is willing to offer guidance and support through the 12 steps.
  • Group Trusted Servants (Trusted Servants)
  • The members who hold service positions in NA.

Difference Between Closed And Open Meetings

The Narcotics Anonymous Meetings can either be open or closed just like AA meetings. Open meetings admit friends and loved ones of the member who want to understand how NA works to offer better support to their loved one. The addict members are the only ones allowed to attend the "closed" meeting.

It is up for you to decide which type of group you would like to attend, depending on what option you'll feel more comfortable with. Before making a final decision which group to subscribe to, it is a good idea to attend a couple of different ones at first to see which one fits you best.

The 12 Stages

The NA 12 Steps are based on the AA original 12 Steps. The fact that NA deals with different forms of drug dependence is the difference with the 1 stages used in Alcoholics Anonymous. You can learn more about Twelve Steps here.

There Is Strength In Numbers

The community is one of the most powerful aspects of NA. The NA family members are all recovering addicts who care and love one another providing a safe, comforting place of refuge for a new member to start healing.

A person who's new to the group can find a sponsor once they've familiarized themselves with NA and has gotten to know more about the group members. A sponsor helps newcomers to the program by guiding them through the 12 steps as they themselves have already passed through them before. Wisdom dictates it is best to have a sponsor who is themselves sponsored in order to have accountability on multi-levels.

Locating A Narcotics Anonymous Group

Do you want to get over that addiction by joining a Narcotics Anonymous Group? You will definitely get a group that fits your schedule and needs from the 61,000 gatherings taking place weekly all over the world. We are ready to assist you join one of the groups and start your recovery journey call 0800 772 3971.